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Cries echo loudly off the dark walls.
As the world snores, I stumble out of bed, sleep clouding my eyes. After a diaper change and an hour of nursing, I’m certain that I’ll be able to get a little more sleep. It’s in that instant that my 10-month-old decides to start laughing and playing, completely refusing sleep.
After hours of playing, and another of rocking, my tired and heavy head finally hits the pillow just in time for the alarm clock to go off.

We’ve all been there.
The depths of sleep deprivation can be a lonely, horrible place that even coffee barely touches.

About 6 months into this parenting thing, I realized that I will probably never sleep like I used to. How I took for granted the ability to flop onto my bed whenever I wanted.

When my sleep is interrupted, it’s so easy to get frustrated at having to get up once again. But, next time you’re awake with the moon, keep these 3 tips in mind.

Your Baby is not Being Mean

Something is wrong. If it wasn’t, this tiny human wouldn’t be crying so hard. There are times that, even with a full belly and clean diaper, little A just wants to cry and cry. Sometimes they just need to be cuddled, other times it’s teething or gas or something else. When I take time to consciously remember that my son is not trying to be mean, that he’s crying because he’s upset, it reminds me to be more empathetic.

Your Baby Wants You

As independent as little A is becoming, he’s still my little baby. He may fight to play with his toys rather than sit in my lap, but he sure loves his Mommy kisses. Nothing melts my heart more when I’m on my way to grab him and I hear him wail “Maaaaaamaaaaaa”
He may have a clean diaper, yes.
He may have just nursed for an hour straight.
But he wants me. There’s no way I could turn that down.

This will Pass

A day will come that little A will sleep through the night. There will be a night where his belly won’t grumble for mommy milk, and he’ll make it all the way to morning. One day I’ll have to chase him for cuddles, and beg him for a hug. I know it’s all cliche, but it really won’t be like this for long.

Parenting comes in phases.
One night you’re up rocking your baby for 3 hours, and the next you’re looking at your college student’s empty bedroom.
If there’s anything people warn you about before you become a parent, it’s sleep deprivation.
I knew what I was getting into when I signed up to raise my own human being. And so did you.
You can do this mama, you’re doing great!

Until next time,