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I fumbled through the medicine cabinet groggy with sleep, and irritated from a cough I just couldn’t seem to shake. I’d finally gotten my teething baby down, just to start coughing as I tried to leave the room, and was then stuck there for another half hour trying to get him back to sleep. I pulled out a few bottles that claimed to help with cough, and skimmed through the ingredients knowing that my body wasn’t my own.

All moms have been there.

Whether you’re growing a new addition to the family, or feeding your baby with your body, we’ve all waited on the line with our doctor so we could ask a question, or tireless searched Google trying to figure out if a medication is safe to take. So, next time you’re trying not to cough up a lung, why not give this natural cough syrup a try?

~10 organic carrots, peeled/cut
1 cup water
3-4 tbls local honey
2-3 tbls Bragg Apple Cider Vinegar
1-2 tbls cinnamon
1-2 tbls coconut oil
I started by boiling the carrots in the water until soft.Carrots are a great boost of essential vitamins and minerals, which will help your body fight the illness, and I have heard quite a few times that they can be great at easing a cough. After the carrots were soft I took them, and the remaining water, and blended them up. I returned the carrots to the pan and added the honey, ACV, coconut oil and cinnamon, mixing until it was all a liquid. I then ran it through some cheese cloth to get rid of the carrot chunks. 
Store this baby in the fridge for up to a week, and take 2 tbls daily. The reason you want local honey is because, especially this time of year, many illnesses are caused by seasonal allergies. Eating honey from local beekeepers is an AWESOME natural way to ease the brutal symptoms of allergies. Big A has severe allergies, so he spends the spring months fighting constant sinus infections. This year, we’re going to be having AT LEAST one tablespoon of local honey daily, and I’m excited to see if that changes things for him.
I love the more natural direction my family is headed and, as we fill our fridge, I’ve noticed our medicine cabinet emptying.
Let food be thy medicine, and medicine be thy food. Hippocrates
Until next time,