Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Moms Meet, May Media Group LLC, and Born Sweet Zing.  I received this product free to review and giveaway.  All opinions are my own. 

I love coffee. 
Because I’m a mom, I think that’s kind of a given. 
But, while I do love coffee, I cannot stand the taste of it black. Like, I can’t even stomach a sip-the bitterness makes me nauseous. But, toss a little almond milk in, and some sweetener, and I’m good to go!

I’m always looking for new ways to add a little flavor to my coffee. I try to avoid having regular white sugar in our house, because big A has a history with prediabetes and it’s really not a good product for your blood sugar. I typically like to add a dash of coconut sugar to my coffee but, unless you’re living it up in Hawaii, coconut sugar can get costly. 
I was so excited to jump on the opportunity to sample some of this new Zing, and see what it was all about. 

Now, I’ve never really been an artificial sweetener type of person so, I won’t lie, I was a little leery about this product. 

So, on top of Stevia, Zing contains dextrose. I knew full well dextrose wasn’t paleo, so I headed to good ol’ Google to see what was up. Dextrose is a sweetener derived from wheat or corn and is highly processed. I became concerned about the possibility of gluten contamination, but was relieved to find that Zing is gluten-free! 

Anyway, back to the dextrose. So, while dextrose isn’t paleo, unless you’re on a super low carb diet for health reasons, it isn’t really something to avoid. Each serving, which is one packet, (I used 2!) contains less than 1g of carbs. Honestly, this stuff is golden!

On to the taste.
One of the main reasons I HATE artificial sweeteners is because of the absolutely horrid aftertaste. I was so excited to find that Zing not only gave me a light, pleasant sweetness to my coffee, but there was ZERO aftertaste. It was really delicious. 

Since I only have a cup or two of coffee a day, I can definitely see myself incorporating this sweetener into my life more often. 
That way, I can save my coconut sugar for my endless baking antics.

Until next time, 

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