So, it’s been a little while since my last update, and boy have these babies grown!

Each net pot is now overflowing with roots, all racing towards the water. Most of the plants need at least one gallon of water added between nutrient changes, because they’re drinking so much!

The jalapeno is probably my slowest growing plant, still not having any roots in the water. As small as this guy is though, it drinks like a champ! Usually requiring 2 gallons between nutrient changes!

Then we have the spinach which is also coming along nicely. You can totally tell these are spinach leaves, which I just think is cool!

The color on my pepper plant blows me away! It’s such a deep and shiny green-absolutely gorgeous.

Finally, we have the bin which contains lettuce, two cilantro, and a kale plant. As you can see, they are all coming along nicely.

With this award-winning lettuce completely taking over everything!

I suffered my first blow of this grow with my two tomato plants. The soil ended up bringing in gnats which DESTROYED both plants. 
I tried to save them with Hydroguard to protect their roots, and an organic gnat treatment, but it just wasn’t enough. 
These are the roots of my healthy pepper plant. See how they’re thick, white, and strong?
My tomato roots were slowly attacked by gnats until they literally started dwindling away. 
Fortunately, I have two new tomato seedlings ready for planting, so hopefully round 2 will be a little better. 
Until next time, 

Savannah is a full-time mom of two, and can often be found outside on one of her various adventures. She enjoys carving her own path through natural and holistic living, as well as discovering ways to use food as medicine.