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I LOVE almonds.
Seriously, I cannot believe I spent a majority of my life thinking they were just a nut. The only place I saw these versatile little guys was inside a bag of trail mix.

I’ve been making my own almond milk for quite some time. We typically grab a HUGE bag of almonds during our monthly shopping trip to SAMs Club. I like to use our almond milk for smoothies, baking, and even a bowl of cereal. We like to party sometimes.


Anyway, it took me making two batch of almond milk, and throwing the pulp in the trash, to realize that I wasn’t doing something right. There was no way that all that delicious almond was supposed to just go to waste.


So, for the next few weeks, I saved all my pulp in a ZipLoc in the freezer, until one day I decided to make some homemade almond flour.


You want to first take all of your pulp, and spread it onto a baking sheet. I decided to get this all ready and going one night before I went to bed. Toss it into the oven on the lowest, or “warm” setting. The lowest temp my oven gets is about 140F.

I left the pulp in the oven overnight, and then took it out the next morning-about 6 hours later.




Sift to sort through any big pieces.



Until next time,