The transition into parenthood is tough. I remember the day I brought my son home from the hospital; it was an overwhelming experience. I almost couldn’t believe I was trusted to walk out of the hospital with this new, tiny little human – I mean, I’d never been trained in this before, I didn’t even know what I was doing! But, somehow we all end up figuring this parenting thing out and, as those first days turn into weeks, which melt into months and years, things seem to get a bit easier. Often, in those beginning days at home though, many new moms tend to feel overwhelmed and underprepared for their new little bundle. This is where you come in.

Bring a Meal

New moms are so wrapped up in answering their newborn’s every cry, learning the ropes on this parenthood thing, and recovering from childbirth, that feeding themselves is quickly pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. One way you could really make an impact on her life is to bring a meal (or two!) straight to her house. The thing is, Sam’s Club realizes that even if you aren’t a new mom, your life is busy too. So, instead of rushing to the grocery store with your own children in tow, they offer a service that allows you to order everything you need online and, once everything has been gathered for you, quickly pick it all up.


Offer some Tea

One of the biggest worries of the new breastfeeding mom is whether or not her baby is getting enough to eat. I remember tracking feeding times, wet diapers, and weight religiously when my son was a newborn; it truly was my biggest worry. One of the best ways my mind was put at ease was when I received a bag of tea mixed with many herbs proven to increase and maintain supply. Just having that safety net was enough to not make me worry like I was, because I felt that the tea truly was aiding my supply. Many herbs have been shown to support breastfeeding mothers, including fennel, fenugreek seed, red raspberry, and even milk thistle.


Ah yes, diapers.
Many, many families struggle with diaper need, and your gift could truly make a difference in their life. Not only are they expensive, but they need to be purchased so frequently that it can become overwhelming for new parents. Of course, diapers are expensive for anyone, so you want to get the best deal possible. Sam’s Club is now offering a full 2-month supply of diapers (that’s over 300 diapers!) which will help families spend less time and money at the store purchasing poop-catchers.

As you may have noticed, this pack is only offered in Size 4, but that doesn’t make them any less valuable to a new parent. Many mamas receive pack after pack of newborn diapers at their baby shower and, I’ve found that one doesn’t really need to purchase diapers until baby is a little older. Infants and toddlers are in size 4 the longest, so your 2-month supply really could come in handy at the most unexpected of times.

Now get out there and love on those new mamas in your life!

Until next time,