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Persons of different age, sex, and medical background live by different habits – or at least they should, for their health’s sake. Crossing the lifestyle gap can be particularly tricky for families, as parents’ and kids’ needs in terms of diet, sleep, and exercise are poles apart. Still, this doesn’t mean you should renounce all attempts to keep tabs on family health: it just means you might want to arm yourself with failsafe health strategies that are an ideal age and gender fit for every family member. So, what guidelines should your family follow so as to secure lasting wellbeing?

The Skinny on Whole-Family Health

Though the pattern of a balanced lifestyle varies based on individual needs, the broad guidelines for healthy living your family should stick to include regular exercise, nutrition centered on fresh and lightly cooked organic staples, at least 30-45 minutes spent in the fresh air, and 6-8 hours of sleep a night. To stay on the safe side of the healthy living agenda, parents and kids should stick to custom-crafted nutrition and exercise agenda based on their overall shape, lifestyle, and daily activity level. Ideally, family members should eat at least one meal a day together, spend quality time together over the weekends, and run regular medical checkups to identify potential health hitches and take care of them before the situation gets out of hand.


Adult family members should follow a diet centered on a balanced ratio of proteins, healthy fat, and complex carbs in accordance with their nutritional needs. Although the ideal macronutrient ratio will depend on individual factors such as BMI and physical activity level, nutrition of adult family members should be structured on 30-50% carbs, 25-35% protein, and 25-35% fats.

Apart from a healthy diet, adult family members will need at least 5-6 hours of nighttime rest to stay alert and energized during work hours. Parents who suffer from sleeping problems can try meditation, conscious breathing, aromatherapy, and yoga, and they should also exercise at least 2-3 times a week for 30-45 minutes to keep stress in check and their bones and muscles strong.

Also, adults should limit their intake of alcohol and tobacco as these substances can lower the quality of their and their children’s lives. Instead of allowing stress to take its toll on whole family health, spend more time with your loved ones engaging in family activities that will help all family members boost mood, make happy memories, and dial up life quality to ultra-healthy.


One of the biggest challenges adult family members are faced with nowadays is the fact that unhealthy habits are too quick to grow on kids. Unhealthy snacks, PC games, and hours spent in front of smart screens can take a heavy toll on junior’s physical and psychological health, which is why it’s up to their parents to lay down solid cornerstones for their children’s healthy future life.

As for nutrition, children’s daily calorie intake should be structured from 45-65% carbs, 20-30% proteins, and 30-40% healthy fats. The child’s total daily calorie count will depend on age, build, and activity levels, but fresh fruit and vegetables, lean meat, dairy, and whole grains should be the principal source of energy for kids.

In terms of physical activity, it’s vital for children to get at least 30-60 minutes of exercise a day because their physical shape impacts their psychological development. While unstructured play is preferred with younger kids, kids aged 6 and above can participate in an organized sport such as soccer, volleyball, or swimming. Also, parents should make sure their child undergoes regular checkups, and take the steps to fix problems before they turn chronic. For instance, if the child suffers from crooked teeth or missing teeth, the dentist may recommend kids braces to prevent large-scale tooth alignment problems later on.

Ready to take your family’s health to the top? Stick to the tips listed above and your loved ones will always be healthy, fit, and ready for every challenge fate may throw their way. Good luck!