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When I first stepped into paleo, four years ago, it was a brand new overwhelming world. The thought of making the food seemed daunting, much less sitting down, planning it out, and having everything ready to go days in advance. But as my relationship with food grew and developed into one of confidence, I soon realized that meal planning was the way to go – it simply made things so much easier. And, as much as I enjoy thumbing through cookbooks or binging The Food Network, I also learned that one of the best resources were fellow bloggers, who had been down the same confusing path as I.

This meal plan will be assuming that you are eating three meals per day, and one snack. When strictly paleo, I find that I do eat quite a bit throughout the day, but you can mix and match the dishes to your preference. I hope you love the meals as much as we did!

Day 1

Photo Credit: Running to the Kitchen

Breakfast: Paleo English Muffins with Scrambled Eggs

Lunch: Paleo Egg Roll in a Bowl

Dinner: Tacos in Paleo Tortillas and Buffalo Cauliflower

Snack: Paleo Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie

Day 2

Photo Credit: A Girl Worth Saving

Breakfast: Paleo Breakfast Meatballs

Lunch: Paleo Calzones

Dinner: Paleo Lemon Chicken

Snack: Paleo Pretzels

Day 3

Photo Credit: A Spicy Perspective

Breakfast: Blueberry French Toast Casserole

Lunch: Mexican Paleo Super Bowl

Dinner: Paleo Crispy Skin Chicken with Honey Garlic Sauce and Pineapple Fried Rice

Snack: Baked Zucchini Chips

Day 4

Photo Credit: Cotter Crunch

Breakfast: Paleo Blueberry Banana Breakfast Bread

Lunch: Paleo Salmon Salad Veggie Bowls

Dinner: Paleo Chicken Pot Pie

Snack: Untraditional Trail Mix

Day 5

Photo Credit: Living Loving Paleo

Breakfast: Simple Paleo Pancakes

Lunch: Deconstructed Loaded Burger Bowl

Dinner: SlowCooker Paleo Cabbage Rolls

Snack: Lime in the Coconut Popsicles 

Day 6

Photo Credit: Paleo Gluten Free Eats

Breakfast: Chewy Chocolate Coconut Granola Bars

Lunch: Honey Mustard Chicken, Avocado + Bacon Salad

Dinner: Creamy Whole30 Bacon Garlic Spaghetti Squash

Snack: Apricot and Ginger Fruit Roll-Ups

Day 7

Photo Credit: Fit Mitten Kitchen

Breakfast: Paleo Breakfast Muffins

Lunch: Paleo Orange Beef Stir Fry

Dinner: Slow Cooker Chicken Shawarma

Snack: Chocolate Covered Date Nut Bars

Enjoy your week – your body will thank you!

Until next time,