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Hoarding is perhaps too familiar of an action for some of us. However we may be prone to it, most of us are aware that this is a bad habit that should be eliminated. Unfortunately, this is easier said than done. We start by decluttering and promising ourselves we’ll never allow the situation to happen again. Sadly, we often end up right where we started. There’s nothing to be ashamed of, though, as this is a global issue. Perhaps the problem lies in our perception of the problem. We see a temporary solution or a fix in decluttering instead of a philosophy and a way of life. This is where minimalism comes in. It’s not about owning as few things as we can, but rather embracing a mindset where material things don’t matter as much as they do in today’s consumerism society.

Minimalism in home décor

Redecorating your interior is a must during your transition to a new mindset that minimalism implies. The whole point is to keep the furniture you actually need and get rid of everything else. At first, it will seem that everything has a purpose. However, if you decide to be disciplined, you can make notes and try to write down the function of every piece of furniture you’d like to keep inside the house. You’ll soon realize that many of those pieces don’t have one. You can do it radically or in stages. If you’re too attached to a useless piece, keep it until the next decluttering session. In time, everything will come in place.

Minimalistic Wardrobe

The fondness a person can have for a clothing item is utterly disturbing. Luckily, there’s a simple test that resolves the issue of what to throw away quite easily – if you haven’t worn it in two years, it needs to go. All those one-hit wonders you wore for a wedding or some high-end event five years ago should be history. No, you probably don’t need fifty T-shirts as you won’t wear all of them in ten years’ time. We always feel that we should be prepared for the apocalypse, but the truth is that you can just buy shirts and pants if you feel that you don’t have enough, there’s no need to take up space and energy with a number of queued items that should be there “just in case”. Moreover, this is also a matter of upbringing. Start teaching your kids this from an early age. For instance, a baby doesn’t actually need a million onesies as it doesn’t care for fashion. So, go to a high-quality baby clothing store and get a pair of every essential and finish baby shopping then and there.

Minimalism in cosmetics

The cosmetic world is an arch nemesis of minimalism. There are stores that sell specialized products for a particular case, body part, skin, hair type, smell and effect it has once it is used. It has become a bit pointless. Instead of having a bunch of products for your hair, skin, nails and who knows what, think about what you really need and what you just want because it’s well advertised. Go back to the essentials and stick with them. You’ll see how your hair and skin will look the same even without the hassle of using and storing all that meaningless junk.

If you decide to upgrade your mindset to minimalism, you’ll see that it really is a way of life. Its principles can and should be used in all aspects of your life and you need to remember what it is that truly counts – material things or people and experiences. It’s just a matter of practice and determination. After a while, it will become a part of you and you’ll find it absolutely normal.