Shower/Bath Bombs


Easy melting mixture

Measured with accuracy

Performance and utility in one

Smell excellent, just add water!

Find relief from your cold, flu, and allergy symptoms with these aromatherapy shower bombs handcrafted with pure essential oils. This naturally based product has been consciously blended to leave you feeling better, faster.

Comes with 3 showers bombs, wrapped in plastic wrap and topped with a hand-tied bow.


Enjoy all the same benefits of your favorite vapor rub, without the harsh chemicals or added ingredients. Utilize the science that is aromatherapy to treat your ailments and get your back to your life!


To use: Place shower bomb on side of shower furthest from the stream of water. Because of the heat, the aromas will begin to flood the air, making you feel better with each breath. All components of this product are safe to be washed down the drain.

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Weight1 oz


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